You Can Still Have A Baby And Enjoy Your Life With A Little Help


If, at any point of time you have been diagnosed as infertile, there is only a limited amount of time you will have to react, in order to remedy the issue and restore your fertility to the optimal level. Although physical therapy and medication are some of the most recommended courses of action that should be taken after this unpleasant discovery, there are alternative approaches to this issue that could result with the same outcome, and perhaps even prevent a recurrence of the event in the future. Many of the obstacles that could prevent you from conceiving can be removed through an acupuncture session.

Acupuncture treats many other conditions

If you are unfamiliar with acupuncture, this is a procedure that originates from ancient Chinese medicine and involves inserting extremely thin, sterile needles into certain acupuncture points of your body, in order to stimulate the energy within, which the acupuncture practitioners recognize as ‘chi’. Although this sort of a treatment is primarily connected to inducing deep relaxation and providing immense stress relief, the acupuncture for fertility treatments exist, and are made out of certain approaches that will address the issue of infertility specifically.

It can help overcome many obstacles linked to infertility

Acupuncture has been known to treat many, but not all of the causes of infertility. Combined with herbal medicine, this has been recognized as one of the most potent solutions to help you increase the chances of conceiving a child with your partner. However, there are a few guidelines that can help guide you through the stage of fertility acupuncture, from setting up your first appointment, to recognizing when the time to stop is. For one, the acupuncture treatment can be started both to prevent the chances of an unsuccessful conception before pregnancy occurs, or on a woman that is already pregnant, to reduce the chances of a miscarriage.

There is a certain time when you should begin your treatments

You should commonly be treated for four months before you are inseminated, but women are encouraged to sign up for acupuncture treatments before and after the embryo has been transferred. The biggest risk of a miscarriage occurs within the first three months of a woman’s pregnancy. The acupuncture appointments should be regularly held until about 12 weeks, in order to help you reduce the chances of a miscarriage altogether. It should be noted that after insemination, there should be no needles placed in the abdominal or the pelvic area. This is why you should ensure that your acupuncturist is licensed and very well experienced, having all the knowledge about the contraindicated acupuncture points during pregnancy, as well as which ones should be avoided after the insemination has been completed, or there is a general suspicion of pregnancy.