If you know someone who has been through a bad accident, and want to be supportive, then here are a few of our suggestions on how you can help… 

If their physical form was damaged, help them get it fixed

If their injury caused them to lose teeth, or get bad scars in easily visible places, then apart from their pain, they might also be feeling very self-conscious about their injuries. And though their injuries might heal, these “imperfections” take longer to get used to. What you can do is do the research; find the best professionals for dental prosthetics Brisbane or plastic surgery. Find out the costs; and if it’s something you know they might not be able bridge by themselves, offer to pay half. If this is not possible for you financially, look around for someone or someway to make the expenses a little more manageable for your friend. 

Help them deal with recovery boredom

If your friend was lucky, and they didn’t have to resort to reliable full dentures or plastic surgery; take a moment to celebrate. It’s not easy going through that. However, this does not mean they are getting it easy. If thanks to their injury they are house bound, or worse, bed ridden, then chances are that they might be very, very bored. And a bored mind is nothing but trouble; causing negative thoughts to emerge and even affect the speed of their recovery. So help them battle their boredom. Provide them movies, books or any other entertainment that they might find interesting. Alternatively, you can also introduce them to a new hobby; one you enjoy, so you can do it together.

Accident trauma is serious

Unfortunately, with serious injuries and accidents, being able to complete heal the physical form itself does not put an end to the chapter. Accident trauma is very much a possibilityand the worst part is that your friend might not be willing to admit it. Keep a close eye on them. Be supportive, and encourage them to visit it psychiatrist or a counsellor and receive professional help. Accident trauma is not something trivial or embarrassing, and should definitely not be treated that way.

Being the positive force that sweeps them up

Like we mentioned above, being injured, bed ridden and homebound and then inevitably bored can cause your friend to feel depressed and have negative thoughts. Having a slow recovery, or having to give up on something they loved doing due to their injury too could lead to this. Try and cheer them up. Encourage them to maintain their personal hygiene, and always keep hydrated. Throw open the windows of their room and let the sunlight cheer them up. Make sure they are eating well and getting their required amount of sleep at night. These are all small things; but have a large effect in the long run.