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Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but the technological advancements have vastly removed the natural aspect of pregnancy in many a case. However, many experts see no faults with a fully natural pregnancy, which should bring you to answer a number of questions beforehand with regards to your pregnancy, such as:

• Midwife or Norwest obstetrician? – the first question you should wonder about is whether you want the medical assistance of an ob-gyn or if you are fine with a midwife. You should understand that a midwife is by no means unqualified to oversee a normal birth: in fact, most experts and mothers recommend the services of a midwife as long as your pregnancy and birth are normal. The services of an ob-gyn become needed whenever you or the baby faces implications, because a midwife cannot perform surgeries or other complex procedures, which are reserved to the ob-gyns. The best course of choice is to pick a midwife and an ob-gyn, with the second being your go-to stop in case of an emergency.

• Do you want to continue with your fertility specialist? – this is an important point for women who have gotten pregnant with the help of a fertility specialist. All fertility specialists can act as obstetricians and will ask you whether you wish to continue with them once you have successfully conceived. It is best to leave an open-ended answer to this question and to take time to consider your options.

• How do you want the birth to be? – there are different ways to give birth nowadays: induction births, natural births and water births. What is important to remember is that you are the mother, and that your decisions should be respected by the medical practitioner – unless there are complications which require a different approach. As such, consider the option of changing your medical practitioner if he or she does not wish to respect your ideas and philosophies – a healthy mind is also important to a successful pregnancy after all.

• What will your practitioner do in case of a breech baby? – there are situations where your baby might turn out to be a breech baby, that is, with his head not properly facing down. This is quite common, however, the number of ob-gyns who are experienced enough to provide natural births for breech babies are somewhat rare. Most will recommend you to an early caesarean, when in fact, most breech babies will naturally turn when the birth comes close. If you have a breech baby and want a natural birth, you might need to find another ob-gyn, and remember that is totally okay to do.