To find a therapist you must confirm his certifiaction. Every therapist must be certified in his state or region where he is exercising. In regions like Quebec, Canada, any person cannot recognize themselves as a psycho therapist or psychotherapist as these brands are lawfully secured. If you want to hold legal license of any of these categories, you must fulfill some expectations and specifications (i.e, a degree of doctoral in therapy, adequate knowledge of the regulations and values of the profession). This does not indicate that these individuals are specifically fake or untrustworthy. On the other hand, while finding a therapist you must confirm his authenticity by discussin it with anyone. It can be proved helpful while selecting therapist in every situation and disease.

How can this be diagnosed?

Mainly pediatricians diagnose it by testing motor skills, reflexes, checking the medical history of the child and utilizing a variety of special tests and therapies on the child. In fact symptoms may change according to the point of time and lead to something more than cerebral palsy.

Medication and other options

First and foremost you need to take into considerations the possible effects and side effects of the drug which you are going to consider as safety and concern is more important. Some people do better with liquids than pills and some prefer to get injections in treatments. Find out the quick effect of the medicine before using it to the patient. And in addition to it, some therapies and training programs are used in treatment for autism which includes behavioral modification system, dietary supplements, applied behavioral analysis and other therapies which are performed in the form of option treatments.

Types of Cerebral palsy treatment

Speech therapy

Physical therapy

Occupational therapy


Oral medication

Assistive technology treatment

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Behavioral therapy

Support to improve muscle function and

Analysis for emotional and psychological needs.

As there are many sports physio available, particular treatment can be performed after knowing and verifying the exact cause.

Is Down syndrome related to cerebral palsy?

Like cerebral palsy, it is also a chromosomal disorder which is caused due to an error in cell division which results in an extra chromosome in the child. In such situations, it leads to impairments in cognitive ability along with physical growth that causes of mild to moderate developmental skills. It can be detected before or after the born of a child. 

Uniqueness of patients suffering with this syndrome

Those who have Down syndrome have unique health issues, separate physical uniqueness and inconsistency mainly in cognitive developments like

Low muscle tone

Flat nasal bridge

Small stature and short neck

Eyes with upward slant, skin wrinkles and colorless spots on iris

Extra space in between big toe and second toe

Protruding tongue

single flexion channel in the fifth finger