The naturopathic practice believes that your body has an ability to heal itself by achieving that immunity power. The term natural treatment will define itself that it is a natural method of treatment for any sickness. Naturopathic practice is one of the oldest methods of treatment. While talking about the naturopathic practice it reminds me of a name, Hippocrates known as the father of medicine. He was the first person to promote this method and put into practice even before this term existed.

From the 20th century, many institutes came into existence where Naturopath was studied and various researches were carried out. The first ever such institute was American School of Naturopathy in New York in the year 1901. This method of treatment avoids the use of any drug and believes in the self-healing capacity of our body. Even after being in demand for several years, it was criticized and declined after few years. With the development of several drugs and vaccines, it faced more criticism, and the downfall begins. Few renowned health and welfare organizations suggested that natural treatment is no way related to medical science and is incapable of producing graduates who can carry out proper diagnosis and treatments.

Natural treatment focuses on the lifestyle, physical fitness, emotional levels and medical history of the patient. It aims to cure illness by bringing change in the eating habit and reducing the stress level. They carry out various therapies that are concerned with the natural behavior of your body. Some of the most commonly used methods are through acupuncture, homeopathy, herbalism, color therapy, ozone therapy, blood analysis, hair analysis and your personal hygiene.

Later in the beginning of 21st century, many researchers proved the miracle side of natural treatment and many countries started to legalize naturopathic practices. To get a license as a naturopathic doctor, you must clear Naturopathic Physicians Licensing Examination. Some naturopaths are also licensed with non-degree certificate. They are the traditional naturopaths. They haven’t undergone any training or medical education.
Natural treatment is rejected by the medical community as it lacks scientific support and is not helpful in case of an emergency. American Cancer Society claims that naturopathic medicines cannot cure any disease in general. According to them natural treatment is unethical, ineffective and non-scientific practice.

Naturopathic medicines do not work immediately and are often considered as ineffective. But if you look at the positive side, it has the entire cure and no harm. No doubt that natural treatment takes the time to cure a sickness, but it cures the illness of root and makes your body resistible to the disease. Besides it has no side effects to your body. Naturopathic practice is illegal in few countries but also widely accepted. Use of such practice varies from country to country and is regulated under some jurisdictions.