What I meant about alternative medicine is not your standard western medicine practices but mostly eastern medicine. Although, we may not heard of some of them, they are highly used by experts and gaining popularity. The medication can range from diets to poking needles in your body but trust me these medication systems have lasted for a long time and been treating and curing patients from way back in time. The major benefit of alternative medicine is that most of it is nature friendly and very rarely have any side effects. Side effects depend on what the actual problem of the person. Here is a list of some interesting alternative medicine. 

There are two medications that follow a similar suit. They are acupressure and acupuncture. Acupressure applies pressure to specific points in the body. (Pressure points) Those pressure points help carry life energy to the specific points where the pressure points are channeled to connect. Each pressure point is connected to different parts of the body. Relieves blocks and stress and helps energy flow through the body smoothly. Acupuncture is the same but very thin needles are poked in specific points. It is quite popular and a good way to fight depression and chronic pain.

Naturopathy Sydney is a medicine art that doctors are trained to treat patients through the power of nature. They analyze the patient’s mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing and provide remedies through nutrition, behavioral changes, herbal medicines, acupressure, acupuncture, homeopathy, etc.

Unlike western doctors who specialize in different medicine. Naturopath doctors involve many different therapies that it is hard to learn but effective in treatment.

Homeopathy is a treatment where medicine is given in small doses to treat symptoms. Homeopaths take in to consideration of a lot of factors of the patient before given medication. This medication mostly helps jump start the body’s natural healing system for different organs. The medication has to be in right quantity which is why a full background check of the patient is done in order to give the medication.

Chiropractic is method of practice in helping the muscle and nervous systems. This includes back pain, neck pains, joints in the arm and legs. Joints become stiff and the movements of tissues get redistricted and when these joints are used it may tear. Chiropractic doctors help loosen these joints or muscles and allow the tissues to heal. This type of medicine can be considered as complimentary medication than alternative as it is used together with modern medications sometimes.

There are more different types of alternative medications that exist for almost all types of meditational needs.