CPAP or Continuous positive airway pressure is a therapy for obstructive sleep apnea. It is a very common and efficient treatment. But, there are a few problems from which patients suffer while taking this treatment, like leaky masks, dry mouth and many more. These issues lead to several other problems. So, let’s check out what can be done to avoid these problems.
Avoid problems with CPAP machines with these 5 tips
1. Wrong size CPAP mask: Make sure the mask that has put on you is perfectly to your size and needs. They are available in different shapes and styles. So, it is better to choose the one with adjustability feature otherwise, it might cause leakage. It is found in different shapes and these are designed dedicatedly for a particular kind of patient. There are some patients who are claustrophobic and can’t be comfortable putting a mask over them. For such patients a mask that can easily move around is provided.
2. Trouble to wear it: People often complain of wearing CPAP machines during the first few days of wearing them especially, when they are awake. It causes irritation while watching T.V. It needs to be adjusted in short intervals. Sometimes, it takes several weeks to get adjusted but, this is the issue which gets corrected of its own. It is all the matter of time.
3. Tolerating air pressure: Because the air pressure is more, patients find it difficult to tolerate it. This issue can be handled by using ‘ramp’. Ramp allows you to begin with low air pressure. Then you can increases it gradually based on the necessity.
4. Dry nose or mouth: This is one of the most common issues patients face. It occurs mostly due to the leaky mask but air pressure also makes the mouth dry. To avoid this issue you can take help of Heated Humidifier. It is a feature in CPAP that adjusts the humidification. Also, doctor prescribes Nasal Steroid Spray or Nasal Saline Spray during bedtime if dryness is too much.
5. Removing the mask during night: It also happens a lot when patients remove their masks unintentionally while sleeping. To avoid it, ensure proper fitting of the mask. The best option is using chin strap which stables the mask the most. Some patients are also prescribed to go for alarm system. Setting it for every 2 hours helps in regular checking. It disturbs the sleep but helps in putting the mask for whole night which is more important.
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