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As people who are not always home and are always exposed to harsh environmental conditions such as toxic sun rays or hazardous gases around us, it is not always easy to keep a spot free face. You might have a flawless face today and you might wake up with a load of acne the next morning. Sometimes, it is not just because of our surrounding conditions it could also be a biological response in our body that would result in pimples, spots or zits. This has always been a very troublesome condition to face, especially for women, and it keeps growing worse because lifestyles are growing worse every day. If you think of leading a healthy, stress free and safe life style, your chance of facing issues such as pimples or acne would go down by a lot but as changing life styles is not something we can easily do, we have to settle for temporary solutions to get rid of such problems that we face.Acne lotionsIf you visit a pharmacy in Surrey Hills around you or if you check online you are bound to find a store with plenty of lotions and creams to help with acne prevention. However, acne prevention lotions are completely useless if you are already suffering from acne. So in order to get rid of such acne or pimples, try to get a lotion that is structured to clear what ever acne that you already have! Certain chemical ingredients are suited for acne prevention while others are suited for getting rid of acne.Visit a dermatologistThis is one of the best ways to make sure you can get rid of your skin problems permanently and with the assistance of a professional too. While a lot of people decide not to visit a specialist, it is beneficial if you decide to visit one. Even if you are suffering from certain infections on your skin, a dermatologist will be able to tell you if you need to undergo water wart treatment or surgery or any other form of solution for your problem. It reduces the risks as well because you are getting help from a legitimate professional.allergy-skin-testingProper dietAs you would have heard already, eating a lot of unhealthy, oily and sugary food can be very bad for your skin. If you are a person who indulges in a lot of junk food every day you might have a problem with getting rid of facial acne because your unhealthy diet is what is triggering it. Stay healthy, eat more natural food like fruits, vegetables and stay hydrated, it works miracles on skin!